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You'll feel amazing with our help.

“I have seen April and Therese for Massage as well as Diane for Reiki. All the practitioners I have seen are terrific and highly skilled. April and Therese are both super strong massage therapists. The space is a very friendly and warm environment. I highly recommend all of these women.”


Dani Weiss

“Relaxing and peaceful but effective. Jennifer goes out of her way to understand the big picture about how I'm feeling and make recommendations that will enhance my physical health outside of her treatment too. From post marathon massage to pre-natal massage, Jen has adapted her treatment for my needs.”


Customer since October 2014

“Kelly Keith is amazing. I have had chronic shoulder pain from an old sports injury.  From the first visit, she was able to reduce my discomfort.  Recently, I brought  my daughter in because she was grinding her teeth.  Kelly showed my daughter how to stretch her jaw and things have improved at night for my daughter.  Kelly is strong and I consider her to be the best massage therapist I have ever visited.  She is a mix between a physical therapist and a massage therapist and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about getting their health back.”


Faye I.

“Bethany’s massage today was wonderful. She zeroed in on my troubled spot and really helped my muscles to relax”


Reita Wood

“Reiki with Diane is a sublime healing experience. Diane is compassionate, kind, loving and highly skilled at Reiki. She has the ability to feel deeply and tune into what is going on in your energy field. The Reiki treatment will take you to deep levels of relaxation thus allowing your vital life energies to diffuse throughout your mind body Spirit bringing forth a wonderful healing.”


Steven Heller