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John Chate, Reiki, Metatronic Healer

John is a qualified Metatronic Healing Practitioner, Lightarian Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master and a Crystal Singing Bowl sound therapist.


In 2008 John first became aware of Healing energy emitting from his hands and knowing intuitively where to place them to aid someones' healing. This occurred suddenly and without guidance, so over the subsequent years he has studied with some great teachers to gain deep understanding and to develop this innate gift.

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Lauren Grosskopf, Reiki Practitioner

Lauren is a native Seattleite, settled in the Fauntleroy area with her husband Jeff, and a beautiful 3-year old girl, Maude. She is an artist and freelance graphic designer, and as of 2013, a Reiki practitioner. Lauren's interest lie in both healing arts and art as healing, as well as the arts in general. Reiki has been an incredible experience of healing so far and she's excited now to be able to help others with Reiki here at the beautiful Healing Tree with its amazing and wonderful staff!

Therese Sloss, LMP LE - Owner

Therese has been a massage therapist for over twenty years. She received her massage training at the NY Institute of Massage in 1997 and acquired a second degree from the NW School of Massage in 1999. She is trained in treatment massage, Shiatsu, myo-fascial release technique, lymphatic drainage, sports and pregnancy massage.


In 2005, Therese completed the Pacific Yoga’s Teacher Training and in 2007 continued her education at the Euro Institute of Skin Care. She loves the combination of massage with skin care and created her favorite treatment, the Half and Half, which is a 45-minute massage combined with a 45 minute facial, the best of both worlds! In 2013, Therese became a Reiki practitioner.


When not working as a practitioner at the Healing Tree, Therese teaches theater and movement to children at Seattle Children’s Theatre and Cornish College of the Arts. She is inspired daily by the magical light her son Luke shines on our world.

Krystle Furtwangler, LMP

7232444 Lauren John

Bethany Hill, LMP.

Bethany graduated  from Ashmead  College in 2006. She has a collective work experience in which she brings to her massage sessions from spa and relaxation to very specific treatment  work. She has worked with a variety of conditions such as headache treatments, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, TMJ, thoracic outlet syndrome and carpel tunnel. Her modalities include swedish techniques, myofascia release, neuromuscular balancing techniques,  and  trigger point therapy.


Bethany uses assessments, client interviews and feedback along with intuition to find the best approach to each massage and her work is personalized to meet the needs of each client. She accepts both L&I and PIP auto insurance.


In her off time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family of seven including her husband, four year old son, dog, cat and two fish.

amta Bethany Krystle Furtwangler, LMP

Krystle Furtwangler has been massaging for 7 years. She graduated from the Brian Uttting/Cortiva School of massage in 2008 where she was focused on injury treatment, deep tissue, Swedish, and hydrotherapy modalities. During school she was so motivated after finding relief with massage from her own injuries, she attended a volunteer program gaining more techniques in sports/athletic based massages. Over the past 7 years she has been working with chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncturist providing relief and relaxation to patients.


Krystle combines her passion for people with her healing therapeutic intuition to each massage. Being an athlete herself she understands the importance of massage and stretching to prevent injuries. She looks forward for the opportunity to help each client unwind and bring body awareness. In her spare time she enjoys fencing, gardening, and spending time with her husband and dog.


For more information about Krystle visit http://krystlelmp.massagetherapy.com.

Dr. Kristina Olson-Kuyper, ND

Website: www.sweetpeafm.com


I love working with families. Watching families thrive is one of my greatest pleasures. My practice is built around helping both parents and children reach their vision of optimal health. This means supporting mothers and fathers during pregnancy and postpartum to ensure that they will have the stamina to care for their growing family. Parenthood can be tough, especially when one feels worn out and run down. I have tools and provide options to help new parents and seasoned parents alike feel their best, so that they can take more pleasure in their parenting roles.

Megan Herdina, LMP

Suma Isis Sekgametis

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Reiki Healer, Astrology, Tarot & Past Life Time Insights

Tina Norman, LMP

Megan Tina Suma

Megan graduated from Montana School of Massage in 2007. Her passion lies in customizing each individual massage to ensure clients walk out feeling rejuvenated. Her swedish relaxing massage is divine, and she loves to incorporate relaxing elements in her treatment work.


Modalities and Specialties: prenatal, reflexology, trigger point, swedish/relaxation.

Tina has been a massage therapist for over thirty years.  Her intuitive nature is a gift. She specializes in injury treatment, pregnancy, deep tissue and geriatric massage. Tina is also a Reiki practitioner and a skin care specialist.


Some of her favorite treatments include massage with mini-facials, aromatherapy and her amazing steam canopy unit for body detoxifying treatments.


When Tina is not at the Healing Tree, she enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter, Lailani, volunteering and creating art.

Stacy Cail, Reiki Practitioner

Stacy is a Second Degree Reiki practitioner. She became certified in 2017 at the Seattle Healing Arts Center by an Usui Reiki master. She’s delighted by helping others, the healing process, and supporting people through their own journey. Reiki is a time to relax, reset, and clear blocked energy. When not at the Healing Tree, she enjoys working out, dancing, and spending time in West Seattle.

Stacy Cail

Suma has been a demonstrating Medium and Spiritual Healer for 40 yrs since, 1976. She is a Pisces born March 15, 1955 and her childhood was spent mostly in Upper Michigan near Lake Superior.


Suma is available for readings in person, or by phone.


To schedule with Suma please call her directly at 206-459-3134, or email knowyourguardianangels@gmail.com