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Heal with us

You'll feel amazing with our help.

Weekly, biweekly or monthly massage is an essential element in maintaining a healthy life style.  In an effort to make this service more affordable, several massage therapists, at the Healing Tree are now providing a low price to those committed to receiving regular massage with us.


How it Works:


1. At your next visit, sign a simple contract for The Healing Tree Massage Club

2. $69.95 is deducted from your bank or credit card account monthly, on the day you choose.

3. Use that massage anytime, all month long.  

4. Unused massages roll –over, can be transferred or given as a gift.

5. Any additional massages are also only $69.95.  

6. You may cancel at anytime with just three -days prior notice.

7. Gratuities are appreciated but not required.

8. You may schedule with any of these participating therapists: Therese Henning, Bethany Hill, Tina Norman, Megan Herdina, Ailee Reagal, Caroline

      Sias, Jackie Lusk