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By guest, Jun 23 2015 07:25PM

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Mar 12 2018 11:52PM by Maritza Pascarella

I just had my first massage at the Healing Tree with Tina and the results are unbelievably amazing. I suffer from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain which has been getting progressively worse even after my cervical spine surgery 5 years ago. The pain had become severe today and I had to leave work. I called The healing tree and I asked if Tina was available as I had read, on the website that she specializes in injuries amongst other things. I didn't tell her much. Once she put her healing hands on me, she immediately knew what to do. She has an excellent knowledge of the body and how to make it work again.
I just had one session and feel better than I have been feeling in quite a while. I am so grateful to Tina for giving me hope again.

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